• Frederik Van Lierde

    Belgian professional triathlete and 2013 Ironman triathlon world champion. 5 times Ironman France winner

Cycling & MTB

  • Live and let live. You need to show respect to everyone.

  • Live life at 100 km an hour, just like in cycling, don’t just coast on the wheels but try to give life your own rhythm.



    Brooke picked up CrossFit after her twin sister to help with her conditioning for track and field.


    Sarah had plans of moving to Japan to teach English after completing her degree, but three weeks before graduation she was introduced to CrossFit and was hooked. Before CrossFit, Sarah competed as a Track and Field athlete and in Volleyball.

  • Matt Fraser Compex

    Mat was a US Olympic weightlifting team hopeful until suffering a back injury. Despite doctors telling him he would never lift again, Mat was persistent in his recovery and returned to compete for Team USA.

  • Lauren Fisher | CrossFit

    Lauren started CrossFit to help with her high school Basketball game, where she was part of the winning team for two state championships. While in high school, she also competed competitively in power lifting.

  • Sara Sigmundsdottir

    Sara is unique as she does not come from a strong athletic foundation like most of her competitors. She tried different sports, but nothing seemed to stick. In 2012, Sara took a boot camp class where she discovered her natural strengths.

  • Garret Fisher

    Garret started CrossFit at 15 to help improve his baseball fitness and is now a sponsored CrossFit athlete and has earned two trips to The Reebok CrossFit Games. He is also on the CrossFit Seminar Staff.

Ski Racer

Trail Running

  • Kilian Jornet

    Compex will not win a race but Compex will support your training to win the race


  • I’ve had a very long and successful career and one of the reasons I’ve been able to stay at the top...

  • As an athlete and a person I’m extremely interested in how I can get the most out of myself.

  • Never throw in the towel, persevere, do what it takes to achieve your aims and to realise your dreams…

  • Hope and the ambition to continue improving, both in the world of sports and elsewhere.

  • You need enthusiasm, to be passionate about ideas that you think are good, to follow things through to the end.

  • My competition is everyday with myself, to overcome my boundaries and to become a better version of myself. 


  • Run, follow your dreams and do never give up!!!!



  • In combination with my DonJoy knee braces, the added strength that Compex offers to my quadriceps, provides the best possible knee stability…

  • Motocross is a very demanding sport and it might be even more demanding for a girl. 

  • Training and good health are two key ingredients for a successful motocross career.


  • Marc Herremans’ own story reads like a novel. It has highs and lows and a fair amount of drama. But it’s…


  • The support from my relatives, friends and acquaintances who give me the strength day after day …

  • Phil Heath | Bodybuilding

    Before turning to body building in 2002, Phil Heath was a shooting guard for the University of Denver. Phil Heath made his pro body building debut in 2006 winning both the Colorado Pro and New York Pro Championships.